made in Italy

The ancient knowledge of italian wine, the research for slow living, the passion for authenticity are the premium ingredients of FRIZERO no-alcohol wines. We produced thes products in small selected batches, at their finest in order to provide you the best and exclusive expenence.
A vibrant and ambitious vision brought to life by a

dynamic team of entrepreneurs and young professionals Frizero has set the bar for originality, quality and excellence. From its innovative origins to now being celebrated around the world their commitment remains unwavering - striving always for authenticity with each elegant creation.

Growing Love

Tucked away atop a hill surrounded by cypresses lies the Squarano estate.

The Squarano estate is nestled in the rolling hills of Valpolicella, surrounded by cypress trees.

For over 550 years - since 1470 - this grand property has been producing some of the finest grapes and wines in all lands thanks to its 23 hectares of vineyards spread across one plot.

Not only that; standing proud within is also a villa stocked with archaeological artifacts including ruins from a temple dedicated to Flora as well as speculated location for King Berengario's X century home!

Today, as in the past, these historic cellars are used for the traditional production of all Fumanelli wines, but they're also ready to follow the evolution of taste in more new great adventures throughout time.

        & Juliet

Born from one of Italy's oldest wine-making cities, Verona, this bubbly is at once a tribute to its traditional roots and modern Italian lifestyle. Whether you fancy yourself part of the old or new school crowd... Frizero lets you sip your way into the iconic love story of Romeo & Juliet eternalized by Shakespeare.

Get ready to feel the romance in every glass! Frizero world is crafted for those seeking an exquisite experience that's equal parts natural and elegant. This unique blend has been crafted with italian centuries-old winemaking expertise, so you can be sure your taste buds are in for an unforgettable adventure.