MADE IN ITALY The ancient knowledge of italian wine, the research for slow living, the passion for authenticity are the premium ingredients of FRIZERO no-alcohol wines. We produced these products in small selected batches, at their finest in order to provide you the best and exclusive experience.

A vibrant and ambitious vision brought to life by a dynamic team of entrepreneurs and young professionals, Frizero has set the bar for originality, quality and excellence. From its innovative origins to now being celebrated around the world their commitment remains unwavering - striving always for authenticity with each elegant creation.


Welcome to Frizero: an exciting and vibrant adventure where you can live out your dreams in conscious freedom. Here, we'll surprise and inspire you with the joys of life – whatever that looks like for YOU! Enjoy expressing yourself however feels right; make each moment count, feel free to choose what makes you happiest. Smile always!


Unlock the timeless tale of Romeo & Juliet, Verona and Italy with an experience like no other. Our modern reinvention invites you to be part of your own fairy tale, to your own NOW. At Frizero we aim to Offering a new state of mind, a new italian You-topia.


Our identity is shaped by the choices we make. We are constantly in some process of deep consideration, in which we select the perfect book, partner, dress-code, food or wine. Our aim is to give you the freedom to enjoy sparkling italian dolce vita at any moment and stage of life - without regrets or relinquishment of taste.