4 reasons why these no-alcohol sparkling wines could be the Perfect Date idea

If you're looking for a gourmand experience that is both natural and refreshing but at the same time elegant and light, try Frizero Juliet Rosé, born where Romeo and Juliet' lovestory has taken stage.
Salute To the Free Souls!

The grapes

Coming from a conscious Estate nestled in the heart of Valpolicella this bottle is a concentrate of pure and Native red varieties from Veneto Region vinified in rose (Corvina and Corvinone).

The Winemaking

The wine is left resting in a stainless steel vat in order to emphasize and preserve the natural freshness of the grapes. When the wine is finished, we start the cold dealcoholization: a new membrane technology that gently removes the alcohol while leaving the initial wine aromas unaltered.

The Taste

Fresh, elegant and persistant on the palate Frizero no alcohol wines might be your delicious treat, and for sure to make table gatherings an exciting occasion. Our aim is to guarantee you a taste which is One of a Kind, for each of our small selected batches.

The Comfort

Pausing and taking a moment for yourself and your beloved is an important part of mental and physical wellness. With Frizero no alcohol wines you make the most of it without the bad sides of alcoholic drinks. Whether you are having a special date or simply Netflix night with your mate, this non alcoholic aperitif will make it an unforgettable and no-stress occasion!