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is what drives FRIZERO.
Real grapes, real people that work constantly to ensure the best charming taste with no-alcohol and low calories. Our no alcohol wines made from premium grapes are designed to give you a whole new drinking experience.
Freeze your favourite glasses and cheer up with an elegant choice as Frizero Romeo Bianco, fresh and persistent on the palate with a character of white fruits such as green apple, pear and wild flowers.
On the other hand, Frizero Juliet Rosè will surprise you with its brightness and fine, elegant perlage.


Après ski is all about your time and includes a wide range of "after skiing" activities such hiking and ice skating, shopping and watching a movie, going to bars or eating out at restaurants. As long as you can choose your way to have fun We got you covered. #Lifestyles

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We love yoga, we believe in slow living, we want to take care for ourselves, every moment as much as possible.
Don't miss here below these inspiring 5 quotes to start the week, to jump in to a new business, to grow our families.

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O.K. You feel a bit bored, tired and Sick of your stressful routine and looking for a somewhat special, unexpected. How to Create Joy Today?
In the digital and stressful age where we have an endless of fast music and fast lifestyle we slow down, we choose to have much more, as an "aperò zero" with close friends and beautiful vinyls.

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As you want, whenever you want, whatever you want.